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Thank you for your interest in engaging further! Dr. Niermann enjoys engaging with a variety of organizations and groups in several different formats.


Dr. Niermann thoroughly enjoys opportunities to speak at universities, conferences, events, and retreats as the keynote, break-out session leader, or panel participant. He regularly speaks on a variety of topics, which can be selected below.


Dr. Niermann accepts offers and commissions to author specific articles, chapters, or books. He participates in scholarly writing and popular media writing. He particularly enjoys authoring pieces which bring technical or theological ideas to a broader population.


Dr. Niermann stewards his experience and knowledge through consultations with boards of directors, organizations, church boards, and non-profits. Consultation format varies from meeting presentations to multi-day creative innovation workshops.


Please fill out the form below with some details about the engagement request and we will follow up with you within 48 hours.

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Dr. Niermann does not have a set honorarium. He evaluates each request based on time away from family, amount of engagement, and travel requirements.
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